ScreenToGif v2.16+Portable 多语言中文版-GIF录制工具

ScreenToGif 是一款非常好的屏幕录制软件,可以用来快速录制屏幕上的指定区域,将其直接保存为GIF动画文件和视频文件。软件自带GIF编辑器,可以设计出更加个性的GIF图或视频。而且软件原版小巧,无需安装,便携无广告。多国语言:葡萄牙语,西班牙语,罗马尼亚语,俄语,瑞典语,希腊语,法语,简体中国,意大利和泰米尔语。软件界面友好,并且易操作,软件占用资源很小,录制起来不会造成机器速度变慢。

ScreenToGif v2.16+Portable 多语言中文版-GIF录制工具


ScreenToGif v2.16+Portable 多语言中文版-GIF录制工具




  • Record your screen and save directly to a gif looped animation or a video.
  • Pause and continue to record or start over by discard the recording.
  • Move the window around to record what you want, it stays on top.
  • You can add Text, Subtitles, Title Frames, Borders, Watermarks, Drawings, etc.
  • Crop and Resize.
  • Remove frames that you don’t want.
  • Select a folder to save the file automatically or select one before encoding.
  • Add the system cursor to your recording.
  • Very small sized and portable (uses a settings file under the AppData folder) executable.
  • A potato. No, seriously, you need a reasonable computer.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
  • .Net Framework 4.5

ScreenToGif 2.16 更新记录:

• Added FFmpeg as an optional encoder for Apng.
• Updated the German and Russian translations.

Bug fixes:

♦ A message about a missing FFmpeg instance was not interactive.
♦ When loading images, if those images were not in the correct format, the app would not encode properly as Apng.
♦ There was an issue with one of the numerical input fields not working as expected (with numbers being typed).

ScreenToGif 2.15.2 更新记录:

• Updated the Russian, Italian and Dutch translations.

Bug fixes:

♦ The Apng export option was not working properly, the transparency and the repeat mode were broken.
♦ When selecting a folder to save a Apng file, only the extension *.apng was being displayed (the extension *.png was left behind).
♦ The keyboard shortcuts for the recording were not working when in full screen mode.

ScreenToGif 2.15.1 更新记录:

• Updated the Dutch and French.

Bug fixes:

♦ The FFmpeg/Gifski integration was not working.
♦ Some minor visual tweaks.

ScreenToGif 2.15 更新记录:

• The algorithm that analyzes each frame, looking for pixels changes, is now a bit faster.
• You can now add basic shapes. This feature is still experimental and there’s more shapes to be implemented.
• You can now export your project as a PSD file.
• Updated the French and Russian translations.

Bug fixes:

♦ When opening the app via the “Open with” context menu, Gifski and FFmpeg were not being found (if they had a relative path).
♦ Also, it was fixed some other issues related to selecting the FFmpeg/Gifski files when the previous path was relative.
♦ The app could crash when editing key strokes of a project.
♦ It was impossible to undo the “Remove duplicates” action when using the option “Don’t adjust”.
♦ Also, because of that bug, when applying the “Remove duplicates” action with other option than “Don’t adjust” and later applying with that option, the app would crash too.
♦ Board recorder: When trying to discard a recording, the app could crash.
♦ With the new recorder UI, when changing from selecting a Region/Window to selecting a Screen, the Accept/Retry/Cancel UI was appearing when it should not.
♦ Small adjustments with the new recorder UI for high DPI screens.

ScreenToGif 2.14 更新记录:

• You can now set up to avoid receiving a confirmation message before closing the app via the tray icon.
• Added the ability to get updates for the translations.
• The color picker hexadecimal field now supports pasting/typing without specifying the alpha/transparency value.
• You can now review your feedback before sending it to the developer.
• It’s now possible to personalize the size of the mouse clicks highlight. Also, you can apply it even after the recording.
• You can now let the app start minimized to the system tray.
• You can now create some tasks to be executed after each recording. (More to come)
• Troubleshooter: If any window is missing (outside of the screen bounds), you can use the troubleshooter to reset its current or startup position.
• Added the option to disable hardware acceleration.
• Now the app warns when trying to open a project that is already opened in another editor instance. Also, the task that clears the temporary folder will not delete any project that is open.

Bug fixes:

♦ The code that positions the recorders was improved.
♦ Two buttons were being displayed at the KeyStrokes editor, one got removed.
♦ The progress indicator value (for the percentage, without showing the total) was wrong.
♦ If you tried to apply a caption with just spaces, the app would crash. Now a warning appears, explaining that you need to type something.
♦ Improved the “FFMpeg/Gifski is not present” warning.
♦ When clicking to save the project as multiple images, without zipping and pressing ‘No’ right after a prompt appeared, the Save/Cancel buttons of the panel would be disabled.
♦ The framerate of the encoder 2.0 could be wrong by an offset of 9ms.
♦ When importing a translation, the ‘new lines’ were not being correctly identified.
♦ When using relative paths such as ‘.’ for the temporary folder, an error would appear.
♦ When trying to crop, the app could crash (because of a high DPI issue).
♦ When selecting a screen region (using the new recorder UI), the app could crash (also a high DPI issue).
♦ The slide transition was getting the amount of frames from a wrong slider (this caused a crash when undoing the transition).
♦ When entering snapshot mode with the recorder UI, without having any region selected and pressing “Record”, the app would crash. Now it prompts for a region of the screen to be selected.
♦ Editing the key strokes of the last frame was not possible. The key input was being ignored.
♦ When a screen gets disconnected, all Editor windows will be moved to an available screen.
♦ When cancelling the selection of the compression method used by the system encoder (video export), the app would crash.
♦ When using the ‘Remove duplicates’ feature, the option to conserve the total delay of the removed frames was not working when selecting the option to remove the first duplicate frame.
♦ When using the ‘Remove duplicates’ feature, trying to undo the previous action that had no frames to be removed, a crash would happen.
♦ Pressing ‘Stop’ when a the pre-starter countdown is still active was not really stopping it.

Known Bugs:

♠ Using an automated task to add the key strokes will still use the color and font settings from the main settings.



官网: http://www.screentogif.com







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