AnyDesk v5.3.3 多语言中文正式版- 免费小巧的远程协助软件

AnyDesk是一款号称速度最快的免费远程连接/远程桌面控制软件,据说是前 TeamViewer 开发小组人员自立门户的产品,它拥有先进的视频压缩技术 DeskRT, 可轻松穿透防火墙/路由器,实测在电信、移动的跨网宽带环境下,速度确实要比 TeamViewer 和 QQ 流畅。虽然目前软件为Beta版,但潜力巨大……软件支持Windows 10

AnyDesk v5.3.3 多语言中文正式版- 免费小巧的远程协助软件

现如今网络环境越来越复杂,防火墙、路由器、宽带提供商等各种因素常常会导致很多「直连」的远程控制软件(如微软的 Remote Desktop) 操作缓慢甚至是连接错误。而 AnyDesk 给人的印象是速度极快、反应流畅迅速,比起前辈 TeamViewer 有过之而无不及,而且它体积还极为小巧。

AnyDesk 为了解决远程桌面连接速度慢的问题,使用了名为 DeskRT 的底层技术,内置了先进的视频解码器,使得在复杂的网络坏境下依然能让用户体验到流畅的远程桌面控制。

AnyDesk v5.3.3 多语言中文正式版- 免费小巧的远程协助软件

AnyDesk 支持声音传输、支持画质设置、屏幕截图,重点还支持与远程电脑同步剪贴板!不仅是文字,即使是文件或文件夹,都能直接复制/粘贴到另一台电脑去,这点非常实用!功能还算比较丰富。

另外,AnyDesk 既可以以绿色软件的方式运行,也可以安装到系统上实现开机启动、无人干预的情况下接受控制等。总的来说,AnyDesk 原生简体中文、原生绿色免费、原生单文件、体积小巧,但功能却很实用,使用也足够简单,整体速度较为流畅,应该可满足很多人远程控制需求。

AnyDesk v5.3.3 多语言中文正式版- 免费小巧的远程协助软件

虽然 QQ 拥有远程协助功能,但很多时候连接并不流畅,而且被控电脑那方也必须有人操作才行。因此,很多人会选择 TeamViewer 这样更专业的远程控制软件。而免费流畅的远程协助软件无疑AnyDesk最好!

25.09.2019 - 5.3.3 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
- Discovered clients showed state offline on remote user image change.
- System settings were accessible after installation without the need of
entering credentials.
- Fixed crash during update of Discovery tooltips.
- Edit fields no longer make error sounds on pressing Enter, Escape and Tab.
- Fixed display of focused state for listview items in list mode.
- Quitting from the system tray was not possible.
- Fixed crash related to scrolling in file transfer panel

Other Changes
- Updated translations.
- Allowed to type into the address field directly after main window startup.
- Added support for Android special keys:
		F5/Home/Pos1 -> Android Home
		F6/Backspace -> Android Back
		F7           -> Android Volume Down
		F8           -> Android Volume Up
		F9/Escape    -> Android Power
		F10          -> Android Menu
		End          -> Android DPAD Center

06.09.2019 - 5.3.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed the URL handler. Session requests from inside MyAnyDesk should work again.

Other Changes
- The URL handler now accepts any number of leading slashes directly before the ID (they will be ignored).

30.08.2019 - 5.3.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash on opening the security settings.
- Fixed a crash on cancelling a delete operation in the File Manager.

27.08.2019 - 5.3.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Added new set of permissions used during unattended access.
  Those permissions have to be enabled explicitly first and will override the default permissions only
  in case a session has been started using a password or token (unattended access).

Fixed Bugs
- TCP reverse rules where not saved correctly.
- Keyboard input to VirtualBox wasn't handled during translate mode or when connecting from Android.
- Fixed tag grouping for non-latin characters.
- Fixed cursor behaviour for systems using DPI per monitor.
- Fixed close button of tabs in the accept window.
- Discovery did not start after installation.
- Fixed a bug occuring during connecting to Windows Terminal Server resulting in an unresponsive service.
- According to the traces installation succeeded though the installer wasn't even started.
- Improved stability.

Other Changes
- Discovery now (re-)starts when a network connection becomes available.
- Extended Color ID feature to the search popup.
- Extended information included in the app's title.
- Extended information included in session tab titles.
- The UI setting for session comments is now disabled in case the feature is not available.
- Improved scam warning.

15.07.2019 - 5.2.3 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- AnyDesk did not open in foreground in case it was downloaded and started using MS Edge.

12.07.2019 - 5.2.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed selection box tool.
- Fixed crash on click on restart button in miscellaneous settings.
- Fixed 'Change License Key...' button in the about panel.
- The File Manager downloaded the same file twice in some cases.
- Fixed handling of AltGr+a. This selected all text before and broke AltGr+a on polish keyboards.
- Fixed blocker for incoming connections.
- Fixed address not being shown correctly or incompletely in discovered clients.
- The Address Book accepted malformed addresses and could not delete them anymore.
- Fixed wrong address book being removed from the manage address books dialog while trying to delete a different one.
- Fixed address action 'Drop Link' for qualified addresses (AnyDeskID/domain/account).
- Fixed command line parsing of qualified addresses.
- Fixed broken traces.
- Fixed some tooltips.
- Minor fixes.

Other Changes
- Discovered clients can be searched for now by using user name, Alias, client ID, machine name and operating system.
- Improved display of search results.
- Discovery items can now be added to the Address Book using their context menu.
- Checkboxes and radio buttons can now be toggled using 'Space'.

07.06.2019 - 5.2.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Some controls did not respond to mouse clicks when the mouse was moved between mouse down and up.
- The listview showed a chat log button even when there was no chat log.
- The discovery section disappeared in some situations.

06.06.2019 - 5.2.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Custom clients supporting only incoming session requests now use a minimal layout.

Other Changes
- Switch Sides is no longer supported for custom clients that cannot do both, connect and accept.
- Extended command line interface.
- Improved performance.

27.05.2019 - 5.1.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash when AnyDesk could not find a preview image.

Other Changes
- Changed images for welcome panel.

23.05.2019 - 5.1.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed broken mouse handling in the search popup.
- Fixed lost keyboard focus when switching from the File Manager to a monitor.
- Fixed fullscreen mode on session start.
- Fixed a crash during rights elevation.
- Fixed discovery online states.
- Added missing TCP permission setting.
- Minor fixes

Other Changes
- Added a selection box tool.
- Selected items will now scroll into the visible area automatically.
- D3D fullscreen can now be minimized.
- Changed TCP default permission to true.

14.05.2019 - 5.1.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Added TCP-Forwarding for running sessions.

Fixed Bugs
- Capture settings did not show any setting.
- The Whiteboard did not work on Windows XP and on Windows 7 when Aero was disabled.
- The request elevation feature did not work after switching sides.
- When AnyDesk was running in the background for some time and the main window was started,
  it did not respond for several seconds under certain conditions.  The main window
  should now react instantly to user input.
- After installation no discovered clients where shown.
- Fixed Discovery working only for simultaneously running clients of the same type.
  Now all instances of AnyDesk should be able to use Discovery simultaneously,
  for example when using vanilla and custom client at the same time.
- The screenshot menu item was not available.
- Fixed crash on popup close.
- Fixed crash when pressing 'Retry' after session end.
- Fixed crash in case AnyDesk could not get a cursor.
- Fixed GDI fullscreen being resizable.
- Fixed fullscreen mode when connecting to multi-monitor setups.
- On incoming session request the screensaver did not turn off.
  AnyDesk now stops the system from turning it on during an active session or session request.
- On incoming session request sleeping monitors did not turn on.
  AnyDesk now stops the system from turning them off during an active session or session request.
- Improved performance by temporarily removing some tooltips.
- Fixed drag operations started after closing an addresses context menu.
- Fixed address items being clickable only in certain areas.
- Fixed file transfer button in search popup.
- Fixed bug that caused new entries to be added to the wrong Address Book.
- Fixed synchronization of printer settings when using multiple instances of AnyDesk.
- Minor fixes.

Other Changes
- The Address Book deletion confirmation dialog now lists the Address Books to be deleted.
- On incoming chat messages AnyDesk's toolbar and Windows' taskbar will now flash.
- Moved connection trace to system folder.
- Updated localizations.


官网更新记录: https://download.anydesk.com/changelog.txt

AnyDesk 官网下载地址:

for Windows:  https://download.anydesk.com/AnyDesk.exe

for Mac:https://download.anydesk.com/anydesk.dmg

for Liunx:https://anydesk.com/download?os=linux

for Android:https://anydesk.com/download?os=android


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