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Opera v64.0.3417.61 Stable Win/Mac多语言中文正式版-欧朋浏览器

Opera桌面浏览器为来自挪威的一个极为出色的浏览器,具有速度快、节省系统资源、订制能力强、安全性高以及体积小等特点,目前已经是最受欢迎的浏览器之一。当您网上冲浪的时候 Opera 能给您最强劲的动力。它是目前最快、最安全和最容易使用的浏览器。我们将 Opera 设计成能适合您的生活 – 无论您想要的是更多的乐趣、完成更多的工作还是用它来表达您的风格。

Opera v64.0.3417.61 Stable Win/Mac多语言中文正式版-欧朋浏览器

Opera浏览器起初是一款挪威Opera Software ASA公司制作的支持多页面标签式浏览的网络浏览器,由于新版本的Opera增加了大量网络功能,官方将Opera定义为一个网络套件。兼容Windows 10系统。



Opera支持包括SSL 2/3以及TLS在内的各种安全协议,支持256位加密,可以抵御恶意代码攻击、钓鱼攻击等网络攻击。而其网页渲染速度也是当今速度最快的。它支持W3C标准 ,此外它还可以作者模式和用户模式让有经验的使用者控制浏览网页的结构和字体等。

官网更新记录: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog-for-64/

64.0.3417.61 – 2019-10-16

  • DNA-80423 [Mac] 3-finger swipe (back/forward) does not work
  • DNA-80760 Sidebar Messenger icon update
  • DNA-81165 Remove sharing service
  • DNA-81211 [Advanced content blocking] Can not turn off ad blocking in private mode
  • DNA-81323 content_filter::RendererConfigProvider destroyed on wrong sequence
  • DNA-81487 [VPN disclaimer][da, ta] Text should be multiline
  • DNA-81543 [Windows] Fonts on VPN popup looks too thin and blurry in dark mode
  • DNA-81545 opr-session entry for Google ads not working
  • DNA-81580 Speed dials’ colours change after Opera update
  • DNA-81597 [Adblocker] Google Ads link hides if clicking
  • DNA-81639 Widevine verification status is PLATFORM_TAMPERED

64.0.3417.54 – 2019-10-09

  • DNA-80583 [Mac] Certificate dialog hidden after switching to another tab
  • DNA-81091 [Mac] Can’t load internal pages and close Opera in first run when Chrome is set as a default browser
  • DNA-81237 [Advanced content blocking] noCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection) is not enabled by default
  • DNA-81375 Adblocking_AddToWhitelist_Popup and Adblocking_RemoveFromWhitelist_Popup metric not recorded in stats
  • DNA-81413 Error in console when Start Page connects to My Flow
  • DNA-81435 Adjust VPN disclaimer to longer strings [de]

64.0.3417.47 – 2019-10-08

  • DNA-80531 [Reborn3] Unify Switches
  • DNA-80738 “How to protect my privacy” link
  • DNA-81162 Enable #advanced-content-blocking on developer stream
  • DNA-81202 Privacy Protection popup doesn’t resize after enabling blockers
  • DNA-81230 [Mac] Drop support for 10.10
  • DNA-81280 Adjust button width to the shorter string
  • DNA-81295 Opera 64 translations
  • DNA-81346 Enable #advanced-content-blocking on all streams
  • DNA-81434 Turn on #new-vpn-flow in all streams
  • DNA-81436 Import translations from Chromium to O64
  • DNA-81460 Promote O64 to stable
  • DNA-81461 Snap onboarding is cut
  • DNA-81467 Integrate missing translations (Chinese, MS and TL) to O64/65
  • DNA-81489 Start page goes into infinite loop

64.0.3417.41 – 2019-10-02

  • DNA-79609 Crash at views::Widget::CloseWithReason(views::Widget::ClosedReason)
  • DNA-80234 Add prefs for “Remind me Later” delay
  • DNA-81123 Crash at base::internal::WeakReference::IsValid()
  • DNA-81166 Avoid loading touch enxtension on startup if it’s not paired
  • DNA-81172 New copy for VPN section and styling changes
  • DNA-81229 Update tooltip of shield icon
  • DNA-81275 Crash at PrefNotifierImpl::RemovePrefObserver(std::__1::basic_string const&, PrefObserver*)

64.0.3417.32 – 2019-09-26

  • CHR-7564 Update chromium on desktop-stable-77-3417 to 77.0.3865.90
  • DNA-78443 BABE not displayed until suggestions appear.
  • DNA-79610 Crash after detaching tab with javascript dialog
  • DNA-80088 Allow Continue Shopping API to register listeners
  • DNA-80109 [Mac][Retina] Snap tool snaps wrong region
  • DNA-80196 Serve extended URL from the API
  • DNA-80253 History page displays incomplete history records
  • DNA-80258 Add “Block Trackers” to EasySetup
  • DNA-80260 [Mac] Use new Privacy popup on Mac
  • DNA-80318 [win10] Fix installer tests
  • DNA-80401 Create browser tests for Continue Shopping
  • DNA-80434 Make whitelisting work from popup
  • DNA-80435 Count blocked trackers in popup
  • DNA-80436 Make update from older version work correctly
  • DNA-80497 Remove checkout detection mechanism
  • DNA-80498 Make whitelisting work from popup WP2
  • DNA-80504 Merge translated lists of forbidden words with English
  • DNA-80530 Turn-off button in Adblocker pop-up doesn’t work
  • DNA-80552 Refresh section when data changes
  • DNA-80554 [win 10] installer tests – add switch to disable import in tests BrowserAssistantInstallations
  • DNA-80564 DCHECK when loading rules
  • DNA-80567 Whitelisting is not reliable
  • DNA-80590 Remove all customizations (ie. IsCustomizationEnabledDEPRECATED calls)
  • DNA-80613 Make whitelisting work from popup WP3
  • DNA-80629 Enable build flag new_mac_bundle_structure
  • DNA-80630 Add new options to setting page
  • DNA-80631 Separate the exception management for ads and trackers
  • DNA-80632 Separate the list management for ads and trackers
  • DNA-80634 Turning VPN on – redesign of the entry point flow
  • DNA-80643 Create continue-shopping-2 feature flag
  • DNA-80644 Scrap aliexpress offer webpage and save it to offers database
  • DNA-80645 Expose aliexpress offers in continueShoppingPrivateAPI
  • DNA-80651 Allow Continue on Booking API to register listeners
  • DNA-80652 Change offer data format
  • DNA-80674 Crash at views::View::SchedulePaint()
  • DNA-80679 Random lists enabled after enabling tracker blocking
  • DNA-80681 [Win] Adblocker pop-up closed after turned ON
  • DNA-80703 Make Aliexpress API offer urls attributed with Opera affiliated IDs
  • DNA-80712 Record aliexpress page views and checkouts
  • DNA-80717 Tab menu issues
  • DNA-80739 “Blocking content can cause some websites…” text on popup should have white font
  • DNA-80777 Content blocking toggles act funny in easy setup
  • DNA-80778 Remove LOG(INFO) debug logs from adblocker_whitelist_handler.cc
  • DNA-80834 Fail to turn on content blocking the first time when both content types are off
  • DNA-80838 Make content filtering icon visible when features are turned off
  • DNA-80845 desktop_browsertests.TestDifferentContinueShoppingFeatures/ContinueShoppingPrivateApiFeatureFlagTest has error on Win
  • DNA-80850 Create new-vpn-flow feature flag
  • DNA-80860 Mac builds with symbol_level=1 are bigger than with symbol_level=2
  • DNA-80909 TestDifferentContinueShoppingFeatures/ContinueShoppingPrivateApiFeatureFlagTest.ShouldReturnMostDesiredOffersReturnedByService.* fail on Mac
  • DNA-80965 Renderer crash when going to opera://inspect
  • DNA-81022 Backport AliExpress to O64
  • DNA-81026 Support all Aliexpress site languages
  • DNA-81067 [Continue on Booking] No hotels returned when one hotel requested
  • DNA-81101 Backporting Privacy to Opera 64
  • DNA-81137 [Win] Fonts of Rate me popup differ
  • DNA-81172 Redesign few things
  • DNA-81089 Gather strings for Privacy for translation
  • DNA-81107 Optimize API calls by caching the offers results

64.0.3417.19 – 2019-09-19

  • CHR-7516 Update chromium on master to 78.0.3887.7
  • CHR-7538 Update chromium on desktop-stable-77-3417 to 77.0.3865.56
  • CHR-7547 Update chromium on desktop-stable-77-3417 to 77.0.3865.75
  • DNA-79399 Move Freedom configuration data and related logic to UI thread
  • DNA-79509 Crash at opera::`anonymous namespace”::ContinueOnBookingBrowserTest::VerifyStartPageOffers
  • DNA-79621 Add support for new bundle structure to old autoupdate clients
  • DNA-80247 Foolproof asistant’s bootstrapping
  • DNA-80416 Crash at opera::assistant::ProcessMonitorImpl::ObserveProcess(std::__1::basic_string const&, opera::assistant::ProcessMonitor::Observer*)
  • DNA-80417 [assistant] Crash at opera::avro::event_driven::StatSenderImpl::NetworkThread::SetTrafficAllowed(bool)
  • DNA-80448 Fix Freedom syncing config client to multiple NetworkContexts
  • DNA-80449 Fix Freedom binding accessing context after it is destroyed
  • DNA-80467 Crash when inspecting sidebar extension content.
  • DNA-80512 Change dynamic imports not to use the eval function
  • DNA-80551 Simplify FreedomSettings initialization
  • DNA-80690 FreedomProxyStartEnabledBrowserTest.RequestSuspendedUntilProxyConfigKnown/{1,3} times out
  • DNA-80966 [Linux] Integrate a new key into our packages

64.0.3417.11 – 2019-09-10

  • DNA-79835 Animation of X appearance is slow
  • DNA-80146 Snapshot Onboarding animated icon: Reuse the WIN implementation on MAC
  • DNA-80350 Crash at browser_assistant.exe@0x489e
  • DNA-80607 [macOS]`Try it` button on onboarding popup is inactive

64.0.3417.8 – 2019-09-05

    • CHR-7517 Update chromium on desktop-stable-77-3417 to 77.0.3865.42
    • DNA-65422 [Snapshot] The beginning of the text (first letter) is not blurred
    • DNA-74031 Download indicator doesn’t match progress
    • DNA-75414 Notification should not show when Opera browser is running
    • DNA-77042 Something went wrong message in crypto wallet in private window
    • DNA-78968 Add drag&drop support to the tree component
    • DNA-79137 Crash at opera::installer::OptionsScreen::OnLanguageChanged()
    • DNA-79359 Static background when selecting animated theme
    • DNA-79398 [Linux] Context menus are broken
    • DNA-79596 Login dialog disappears after switching tab
    • DNA-79622 Rewrite lazy session feature to avoid page view usages
    • DNA-79714 Prototype submission: startpage controller
    • DNA-79757 Line divider under address bar disappears after opening and closing Bookmarks Bar
    • DNA-79769 Address bar suggestions’s labels has wrong font weight
    • DNA-79817 Wrong tab order after session restore
    • DNA-79972 Create new Content Filtering UI elements
    • DNA-79974 [Views] Change current address field UI to match design
    • DNA-79982 [Mac] Change current address field UI to match design
    • DNA-80103 Investigate best ICECC_THREADS for faster Mac builds
    • DNA-80105 O63 translations (08.08.2019)
    • DNA-80110 Bug when changing the install path in installer
    • DNA-80135 [Linux] Crash when switch theme with reborn-3-dropdown is enabled
    • DNA-80143 “Remind me tomorrow” section flashes when new tab is opened
    • DNA-80144 Create Animated Icon for Windows
    • DNA-80145 Create Animated Tooltip for Windows
    • DNA-80150 Convert Search Box to ES modules
    • DNA-80151 [Dark Mode] Certificate > ‘Issued to’ is grey on black
    • DNA-80155 Add pagination for Downloads page
    • DNA-80165 Investigate best ICECC_THREADS for faster Linux builds
    • DNA-80191 Fix opera_components/tracking_data/tracking_data_paths.cc
    • DNA-80200 Magnifying glass on settings and extensions has strange elipse when clicked
    • DNA-80211 Fix clear button on opera://settings/keyboardShortcuts
    • DNA-80219 DCHECK at ExtensionDownloader::HandleManifestResults
    • DNA-80221 Change channel to “stable” in permissions features for wallpapersPrivate
    • DNA-80222 Patch which hide Opera UA for Win10, Mac and Lin
    • DNA-80235 Fold section when title is clicked
    • DNA-80237 Prevent data collection when feature is off
    • DNA-80242 Implement per-type whitelist WP1
    • DNA-80244 Introduce another feature flag for changing the default value of folded state
    • DNA-80257 Change ‘Chromium’ to ‘Opera’ in Cookies and site data
    • DNA-80261 Convert Discover news to ES modules
    • DNA-80262 Convert Zen news to ES modules
    • DNA-80263 move SessionTabHelper to chrome_imports
    • DNA-80265 Onboard new tools in the snap window
    • DNA-80274 Remove PageViewObserver::OnPageViewRestored
    • DNA-80297 Create styleguide host
    • DNA-80305 Change section title to “Continue Shopping”
    • DNA-80306 Fix BrowserJSPatches.testQuestodCoUk on Win10
    • DNA-80314 Include Assistant symbols in archive_browser_sym_files
    • DNA-80327 Some extensions network requests are blocked by our adblocker
    • DNA-80332 Remove DNS prefetch block that is now redundant
    • DNA-80348 [Mac][Retina][Snap] “Capture Full Screen” captures wrong region
    • DNA-80357 Convert Start Page view to ES modules
    • DNA-80383 Lazy load optional sections on Start Page
    • DNA-80422 Continue shopping section is too close to Speed Dial tiles when tiles are big
    • DNA-80463 Add shadow to shopping tiles
    • DNA-80476 Allow filter to compare offers with the list of forbidden words not considering letter case
    • DNA-80495 Middle click navigations are not attributed

官网: http://www.opera.com/


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for Mac:


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