Notepad++ v7.6.1 Final+Portable x86/x64 多语言中文正式版-开源文本编辑器

Notepad++ – 小巧高效的文本编辑器、非常适合编辑网页代码!Notepad++是一款优秀免费的源代码编辑器,支持语法高亮的开源纯文本编辑器,并且可以替代系统自带 的记事本的功能。Notepad++更是程序员们编写代码的利器!它运行便携,体积小巧、资源占用小,支持众多程序语言,比如C++、C#、Java等主 流程序语言;支持HTML、XML、ASP,Perl、Python、JavaScript等网页/脚本语言。Notepad++作为程序员们最喜爱的编 辑器之一,像语法高亮,语法折叠,宏等编辑器常用功能一个都不少。

Notepad++ v7.6.1 Final+Portable x86/x64 多语言中文正式版-开源文本编辑器

Notepad++ 支持的语言: C, C++ , Java , C#, XML,Ada, HTML, PHP, ASP, AutoIt, 汇编, DOS批处理, Caml, COBOL, Cmake, CSS, D, Diff, ActionScript, Fortran, Gui4Cli, HTML, Haskell, INNO, JSP, KIXtart, LISP, Lua, Make处理(Makefile), Matlab, INI文件, MS-DOS Style, NSIS, Normal text, Objective-C, Pascal, Javascript。

免费全能文本编辑器Notepad++ 现已更新至v7.5.1,这次更新增加了64位版,另外更新了诸多插件以及大量新选项及问题修复。软件能够在XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10等32 & 64位系统中运行。Notepad++是一款免费开源的代码编辑器。作为程序员必备代码利器,开发者必备工具!


Notepad++ v7.6.1 更新记录:

1. Several bug-fixes & enhancement on Plugins Admin.
2. Notepad++ will load plugins from %PROGRAMDATA% instead of %LOCALAPPDATA%
3. Fix installer’s plugins copy issue under Linux (by using WINE).
4. Fix Installer HI-DPI GUI glitch.
5. Fix “Import plugins” not working issue.
6. Fix printer header/footer font issue.
7. Make installer more coherent for the option doLocalConf.xml.
8. Make text display right in summary panel.

Notepad++ v7.6 更新记录:

1. Add Built-in Plugins Admins. Users can install, update and remove plugins by some clicks via Plugins Admin:
2. Change plugin loading method: Remove the legacy plugin loading way and apply only the new plugin loading method.
3. Add new message NPPM_GETPLUGINHOMEPATH in Notepad++ API for plugin, so plugin can get its path easily.
4. Fix a regression of performance issue while word wrap option is enable.
5. Fix a performance issue for switching back to folded document.
6. Fix crash issue due to Unix style path input in Open file dialog.
7. Fix UTF-8 detection problem: 4 byte characters UTF-8 character can be detected now.
8. Enhance/Fix encoding detection/problem.
9. Fix auto-indent issue by typing Enter on empty line.
10. Fix “Close all but this” behaviour if multiple views are present and some files are dirty.
11. Fix tool tip in document switcher showing the old name issue (after being renamed).
12. Add autoit and lua autoCompletion

Notepad++ v7.5.9 更新记录:

1. Fix hanging problem while switching back a fully-folded document by using shortcut (Ctrl-TAB).
2. Fix possible file corruption during backup or power loss or other abnormal N++ termination.
3. Fix wrong backup file deleted issue.
4. Fix backup not fully disabled issue.
5. Add 2 command line flags “-notepadStyleCmdline” and “-z” for the replacement of notepad.exe.
See https://notepad-plus-plus.org/features/replace-notepad.html
6. Add new plugin API NPPM_REMOVESHORTCUTBYCMDID to allows plugins to remove unneeded shortcuts.
7. Fix Tail monitoring incoherent status after deleting a monitored file.
8. Fix issue with wrong smart highlighting when it is disabled.
9. Fix last active tab is ignored on Notepad++ restart issue.
10. Fix Tab non-responding by mouse click after dragging bug.
11. Fix switching back position restoring issue for wrapped document.
12. Add several spiritual quotes and a subtle Easter egg in the source code.

Notepad++ v7.5.7 更新记录:

1. Fix hanging problem while shutdown and backup file is absent.
2. Fix Sort Lines as Integers issue: use Natural Sort algorithm.
3. Fix JavaScript not working regression in Function list.
4. Fix Open File Dialog error for a long path.
5. Fix document map display bug when the view is scrolled past the end of the file.
6. Fix tool bar display bug in big icon mode issue.
7. Make caret line always visible on click from Finder panel.
8. Fix UDL export extension issue.
9. Fix Run Macro multiple times dialog display glitch after deleting a Macro.

Notepad++ v7.5.6 更新记录:

1. Fix macro playing back crash issue on new added “find previous” and “find next” buttons.
2. Function List enhancement: Highlight the current function based on cursor position.
3. Fix crash on styler dialog of User Defined Language dialog.
4. Fix file status detection issue under Windows XP.
5. Ghost typing enhancement: Unicode, syntax highlighting and speed support.
(check the url for the usage of ghost typing on command line: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/features/ghost-typing.html )
6. Add a message from outer space.

Notepad++ 7.5.5 更新记录:

1. Restore 2 buttons “<< Find Previous” & “Find Next >>” in Find dialog (optional).
2. Fix monitored (tail -f) file not always updated issue.
3. Keep Doc Switcher’s ordering in sync with Tab bar.
4. Shortcut Mapper enhancements: Add filter capacity and make dialog resizable and maximizable.
5. Fix for “Toggle Single Line Comment” malfunctioning with HTML/XML.
6. Make Unix style path (slashes) work in open file dialog (optional).
7. Fix tab sticks to mouse pointer problem after external update of a opened file.
8. Fix encoding not sync (on status bar) after reloading.
9. Fix menu items’ state is not maintained due to save macro command.
10. Fix line ending changes are not detected in reloaded changed files issue.
11. Fix highlighting of <script> tags in XML files issue.
12. Fix Unicode file name comparison to match Windows behaviour (as opposed to doing a linguistic filename comparison).

Notepad++ 7.5.4 更新记录:

1. Fix a crash bug due to disordered notifications sent to plugins.
2. Fix encoding broken regression.
3. Improve smart highlighting performance.
4. Auto-completion enhancement: remove unwanted symbols {} for variable names.
5. Add auto-completion for BaanC & CoffeeScript.
6. Fix localization copy regression in Installer.

Notepad++ 7.5.3 更新记录:

1. Fix shell extension registration failure in installer.
2. Fix theme files installation failure in installer.
3. Fix DSpellCheck incomplete installation in installer.

Notepad++ 7.5.2 更新记录:

1. Fixed hanging issue while modifying JavaScript TAB settings.
2. Add DSpellCheck plugin into distribution.
3. Add version and other info into installer.
4. Fix an issue while installing a x64 version, x86 version (if it exists) is not removed – and vice versa.
5. Fix display glitch of certificate checking error message.
6. Remove unused/empty entries from shortcut mapper.
7. Add BaanC function list feature.
8. Add batch auto-completion into installer.

Notepad++ 7.5.1 更新记录:

1. Fix some excluded language cannot be remembered bug.
2. Fix a localization regression bug.
3. Fix the bug that Notepad++ create “%APPDATA%\local\notepad++” folder in local conf mode.
4. Add Visual Prolog language support.
5. Add auto-completion support for batch file (*.bat).
6. Enhance Function List for PHP and JavaScript.
7. Enhance Shortcut Mapper by adding category column.
8. Make double click work for language menu disabling/enabling in preferences dialog.
9. Make double click work to improve file extension movement in Preferences dialog.
10. Fix bug: language menu item is restored back on the wrong zone.
11. Add a spiritual quote.

Notepad++ 7.5 更新记录:

1. Add new languages support: ASN.1, AviSynth, Blitz Basic, Csound, Erlang, escript, Forth, FreeBASIC, LaTeX, MMIX, Nimrod, nnCron, OScript, PureBasic, Rebol, registry, Rust, SPICE, txt2tags
2. Add “Open file in its default viewer” command.
3. Add “-quickPrint” command line argument: Launch Notepad++, print document & exit.
4. Add /noUpdater argument for installer to not install updater (useful in silent mode).
5. Add new installer argument /allowAppDataPluginsLoading.
6. Roll back to 1 “Find next” button in Find/Replace dialog, due to the inconsistence after removal of direction option.
7. Enhancement: empty fields “Replace with” and “Filters” of Find/Replace dialog are remembered in the next session.
8. Fix text selection in combo boxes of find/replace dialog problem on resizing.
9. Fix the issue of passing non-exist folder via command line without any warning.
10. Fix multi-line tab button remaining pushed issue while switching off.
11. Fix TAB key wired behavior on find/replace dialog’s transparency radio button.
12. Fix click on tab without hitting close button but close file issue.
13. Fix Notepad++ modifying command line arguments issue (command line arguments could be visualized by system tools).
14. Fix file not dirty while its content changed on the hard drive.
15. Fix saved duplicated file in the same view issue.
16. Fix “Folder as Workspace” toolbar button not activated after dropping folder issue.

Notepad++ 7.4.2 更新记录:

1. Add SWIFT language support.
2. Fix replace in files regression.
3. Enhance Find Replace dialog (resizable & remove search direction radio buttons).
4. Fix a crash issue while doing a column insertion on a CJK unicode document.
5. Fix repeated notification dialog for modification from outside of Notepad++.
6. Fix a visual glitchy during tab drag and drop.

Notepad++ v7.4.1 更新记录:

1.  Fix Notepad++ hanging issue on start up due to its connection on Internet – disable the certification chain verification.
2.  Fix the opened zero length file not saving bug.
3.  Improve Document Peeker performance issue for large files.

Notepad++ 7.4 更新记录:

1.  Add document snapshot feature.
2.  Add snapshot on document map feature.
3.  Fix issue with clicking links in html/js/asp/php.
4.  Fix folding vetical line loses colour after changing folding style via Preference dialog.
5.  Enhance folding feature (multi-line quotes) for python.
6.  Improve certificate verifying method.
7.  Fix issue of losing syntax highlighting while changing file extension (by “save as”).
8.  Enhance the UI of “Windows” dialog (Menu “Window->Windows…”) for sorting.
9.  Apply the new file custom encoding (Unicode or not) while opening an empty content file.
10. Improve whitespace visibility while the visualization of whitespace is activated.
11. Support RTL for header and footer printing.
12. Add a warning message for launching folder as Workspace while both files and folders are dropped in Notepad++.
13. Drag and dropping tabs is possible in multi-line tab mode.
14. Fix issue of right clicking on multiline tabs.
15. Add new moving tabs with mouse wheel feature (SHIFT + Mouse Wheel)
16. Fix text on active tabs (multi-line mode) being clipped problem.
17. Fix regression for saving session file (for session file extension, if set).
18. Enhance saving workspace file by adding workspace file extension (if set).

7.3.3 更新记录:

1. Fix CIA Hacking Notepad++ issue (https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/page_26968090.html).
2. Fix mouse wheel to task list scroll crash bug.
3. Fix flickering issue while switching back after modifying or deleting a document from outside.
4. Support Motorola S-Record, Intel and Tektronix extended hex file formats.
5. Improve multi-line tab: maintaining the selected tab position.
6. Fix add char into word char list bug.
7. Add Shift+Enter in Find dialog for searching in the opposite direction.
8. Fix a regression that delimiter settings is not retained correctely.
9. Add clear command button in shortcut mapper.
10. Enhancement: file extension supported in Load/Save Session dialog if a session file extension is set.

官网地址: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

官网下载地址: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/repository/

特别说明: 以下exe为安装版,zip为绿色免安装版。

官方下载(7.6.1 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.6.1 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.6 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.6 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.9 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.9 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.7 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.7 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.6 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.6 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.5 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.5 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.3 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.3 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.2 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.2 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5.1 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5.1 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.5 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.5 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.4.1 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.4.1 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.3.3 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.3.3 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.3.2 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.3.2 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.3.1 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.3.1 Final 64位版)



官方下载(7.3 Final 32位版)



官方下载(7.3 Final 64位版)



特别说明: 以上exe为安装版,zip为绿色免安装版。

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