Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium 注册版-视频编辑工具

Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium是一款多功能的视频处理编辑工具,软件界面简洁直观,操作方面也十分容易上手,可以方便用户对视频进行剪裁画面,创建特效和3D变换等功能,支持环绕立体声、16:9屏幕等,全新的4K Ultra HD视频支持以及H.264视频的硬压支持。支持Windows 7Windows 10,不支持XP,这个是高级版本,包含了更多的实用功能,让你编辑视频更专业。

Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium 注册版-视频编辑工具

– 包含高质量的特效,电影转场和模板
– 完全正常 Stereo3D
– 先进的配音: Dolby Digital 5.1 混音器等。
– 完全支持高清 HDV 和 AVCHD 摄像机等。
– 视频编辑程序具有 99 个轨道,多机位编辑
– 4K Ultra HD视频的完美支持。
– 旅行路线动画和其他
– 在电视上,在线或者在旅途中展现您的视频。

– 支持4K Ultra HD视频制作
– 改一个轨道上的时间线显示视频和音频
– 改进轨道上视频和音频的时间线显示
– 支持新视频标准 AVCHD 逐行扫描 (50p)
– 加速导出 AVCHD 视频 – 自动图形卡识别
– 改进快速访问功能的用户界面
– 新增高质量装饰元素和开场/结尾模板
– 快速和直接 GPU 计算所有基本视频效果
– 新的对完美对象提取的色度键引擎
– 新的包括音乐的专业电影预告片模板
– Stereo3D 和 多机位项目的预览渲染
– 使用音频轨道自动同步多机位项目

Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium 注册版-视频编辑工具

音频: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, DolbyDigital Stereo/5.1 (混缩为立体声)

视频: AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WMV(HD)
音频: WAV, MP3

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro makes it easier than ever before to get started with video editing. With flexible templates, tools for effects, background music and menus, plus helpful assistants and wizards for every feature – you can easily create videos sure to impress your family and friends.

Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium 注册版-视频编辑工具

NEW! OpenFX support

The new OpenFX interface makes it possible to use multiple plug-ins directly from the Media Pool. Experience a more customizable editing process where you can add more functions and effects to your software as you please.

Hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding

New hardware acceleration reduces the load on your computer’s main processor when decoding H.264 codec. This increases reading speed and also accelerates timeline playback considerably.

64-bit support

High-speed video editing: The 64-bit support in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro enables a more efficient use of RAM and multicore processors. This makes it possible to encode videos extremely fast.

4K Ultra HD support

The 4K Ultra HD format can display images in more detail than Full HD. Whether it’s footage of sporting events from a GoPro or holiday videos from your camcorder, you can edit your high-resolution videos in record time with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium 注册版-视频编辑工具

Edit XAVCS video files

The new XAVCS video format supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and is used in the latest camera models. Realize the full potential of your camera now.

Image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2 technology

The image stabilization feature is perfect for correcting shaky video footage. With Mercalli V2 you can stabilize your recording in no time – you’ll forget that it looked any different. Smartphone videos can be improved and unwanted movement can be removed without affecting the dynamics or the character of the video.

Effects, transitions & templates

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers an exclusive selection of professional video and audio effects, incredible transitions, customizable DVD and Blu-ray menu templates, thematic movie templates, decorative features and much more. Discover all the options available and use effects to create exciting highlights.

Burn movies to disc

Automatically burn your finished film and animated menus onto DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc™ in professional quality. Simply choose from a number of professionally designed menu templates.

The most important features:
– Includes NewBlue Titler EX and NewBlue ActionCam Package (a total value of £209*)
– Includes proDAD Mercalli V4 (a value of £179*)
– Faster workflows thanks to 64-bit performance
– Precise video editing on up to 99 tracks
– Proxy editing feature for smooth 4K & HD video editing
– Multicam editing for footage recorded on 4 cameras simultaneously
– Modify individual hues to the smallest detail with secondary color correction
– Creative design: Special effects, transitions, intros/outros, etc.
– Wireless data transfer with Movie Edit Touch for tablets.

What’s new in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium:
– Movie Edit 2016 Premium is the first editing program to support 360° editing for videos made with panorama cameras.
– Improved object tracking lets you follow objects even more precisely. Pin text to objects, place black rectangles in front of faces and blur out license plates.
– Take advantage of automatic video editing, 25 customizable templates and effects made specifically for action-packed footage.
– 20 extraordinary transitions, including blur features.
– Brand new templates sorted according to opening/closing credits, subtitles and captions.
– Edit your videos to fit the beat of the music.
– Compatible with new video formats, such as HEVC** and XAVC S.
– Enjoy faster import and smooth playback.
– Trimming, moving and synchronizing objects is now even easier.
– NewBlue Titler EX is the perfect tool for easily creating dynamic Hollywood-style titles, captions and rolling credits right within Movie Edit Pro 2017 Premium.
– Edit 4K & HD footage as easily as DV footage.
– Easily optimize poorly lit footage.
– Modify individual hues down to the smallest detail.
– Edit up to four camera positions at the same time.更新记录:
– Fixed error that could lead to a crash when using image optimization with proDAD Mercalli V2
– Fixed various errors that could lead to crashes
– Small corrections made in the effects area
– Small corrections to program interface and localization

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