KMPlayer v4.2.2.16 Win/Mac 多语言中文正式版-全能媒体播放器

KMPlayer播放器是一款全能媒体播放器,支持流畅播放几乎所有的流行高清的影音文件、流媒体和影碟,包括 AVI、MP3、MP4、mkv、DVDRip、Real、QuickTime、MPEG-2、MPEG-4、AC3/DTS、VP3/6/7、VP8、 Indeo、XVD、OGG/OGM、APE、FLAC、TTA、AAC、MPC、3GP/AMR、字幕等。

KMPlayer v4.2.2.16 Win/Mac 多语言中文正式版-全能媒体播放器

KMPlayer内置多媒体编解码器,因此,它可以在播放媒体时无需额外的编解码器和编解码器支持,支持世面上的主流媒体格式,并内置语音编解码器功能,当使用矩阵/等化器附加功能支持. ffdshow的KMPlayer的编解码器内置,从里面的情况下,因为处理是更快,更安全,支持所有编解码器,支持MPEG1/ 2支持.编解码器的用户安装麻烦,低规格的电脑用户,那些为寻找优秀的多媒体播放体验由KMP可以装点简单的多媒体播放体验.

* 双字幕显示,同时显示中英双语,共同学习提高。
* 智能识别简体或繁体字幕。告别乱码,也不用再手动转码。
* 根据使用习惯优化右键菜单,方便快速切换字幕和显示模式。
* 智能化网络字幕匹配。抛弃浏览器,也不必再收集。
* 更加易用、精简的控制面板,更方便且易于理解的设置选项。
* 智能音场平衡技术,声效更显震撼。
* 智能免配置,数百逻辑分支自动根据硬件配置选择最佳模式。
* 图像增强引擎,4倍速驱动,降低画面噪点,锐利画质呈现,低画质视频照样全屏放。
* 多语言支持,支持英文,简体中文,繁体中文等。

KMPlayer v4.2.2.16 Win/Mac 多语言中文正式版-全能媒体播放器

1. Fixed UI bug.
2. Fixed bug related to YouTube download function.
1. URL download bug has been fixed.
2. URL download button has been inserted in the front UI.
3. VR button image has been modified.
4. GIF creation bug has been fixed.

1. GIF file creation possible.
– You can capture the selected location and create it as a GIF file.
– Mouse cursor can also be captured.
– Can be paused during screen capture.
– Adjustable number of frames per second. (FPS)
– Added GIF Reverse, GIF Bounce and GIF speed control.
– GIF Dither mode, GIF Color Reduction selectable.

2, Youtube download function has been modified.
– Modified to extract only audio from low resolution images.
– If audio is extracted only, it can be changed to MP3 file.
Fixed Youtube download bug.
1. Added Youtube video download function.
– Downloadable as 4K.
– You can download video audio files together.
2. Fixed error when playing certain movie. (Occurs when Youtube download movie is played.)
3. Fixed pop-up menu bug when running after installation.
1. When moving the screen, the size of the window and the menu are adjusted to fit the screen.
(When using HiDPI monitor and general monitor at the same time)
2. Fixed a bug in the wing window.
3. Inactive menu functions have been deleted.
(Web search function, File manager download function)
1. Ads modified by user feedback.
– Video AD muted.
– Player area AD removed.
2. Fixed Chrome crash bug.
3. Security has been enhanced.
– Fixed issue with text box title length when adding playlist album.
– Prohibited distribution of Winamp plug-in due to overflow when playing WVX file.
4. PGS subtitles and other images have been modified so that the inserted image captions are displayed well.
5. Playback control buttons have been added to the taskbar (works only in Windows 7 and later).
6. Corrected to display chapters when playing Blu-ray video.
7. Modified the codec so that the audio codec information on the bottom toolbar is displayed correctly(aac).
1. Fixed bug in subtitle time when playing video.
2. Skin Bug Fixed.
3. Added video decoding information display function.(HW decoding and SW decode information displayed at the bottom of the player)
4. Modified to display bitrate information correctly in video information display.
5. Fixed a bug that skips the screen when rotating high-resolution images.
– Fixed FTP connection bug.
– Fixed progress bar mouse control bug when playing.
– Update Media File Information Library (Mediainfo.dll)
– Drag-and-drop bug fixed after installation.
Fixed security vulnerability recommendations.
– Patch to work with the latest library when playing flac files.
– Update URL list and add buttons.
– Fixed bug where image processing filter priority was not set correctly.
– Fixed side screen black screen bug when playing video after audio playback.
– Add license contents.
Improved UX/UI for increased user convenience.
Fixed errors that broken skins during music playback.
Fixed errors that black screen appears when playing video after playing music.
1. Fix connection errors in KMP extension (Higher version of Window7)
2. Upgrade KMP LAV filters verison(0.70.2)
[LAV filters Improvements.]
– Official LAV Filters builds require a SSE2 capable CPU
LAV Splitter
– Fixed: Certain MP4/MOV files didn’t play or seek correctly in recent versions of LAV Splitter
– Fixed: HEVC in MP4 without PTS timestamp is being signaled appropriately
– Fixed: Closing RTSP streams did not properly call the TEARDOWN function
LAV Video
– NEW: CUVID support for VP9 8/10-bit and HEVC 10/12-bit decoding
– NEW: DXVA2 support for VP9 10-bit decoding
– Changed: Simplified the internal dataflow to reduce overhead and improve performance
– Changed: Enabled P010 output to EVR on Windows 10 Creators Update
– Fixed: Y416 output was incorrect (required by madVR 0.91.8 and newer)
– Fixed: Parsing H.264 MVC SEI NALs could fail in some cases
– Fixed: CUVID decoding could deinterlace progressive streams under certain circumstances, degrading the quality
LAV Audio
– Fixed: LATM AAC streams with Program Config Elements (PCE) (common in DVB-T2 broadcast) played with audible distortions
– Fixed: Very short PCM audio streams didn’t play properly
1. Fixed a screen capture bug that occurs when playing video.
2. Corrected recommendations from KISA(KOREA INTERNET & SECURITY AGENCY)
– [17-299] Vulnerability in arbitrary code execution (Vulnerability in DIB format execution)
1. Hardware acceleration (DXVA2) bug fixed.
– environment setting –> KMP Built-in LAV Video Codec –> After setting that it allow to use DXVA2 in Video Codec Setting, it can be supported.
– Only supproting Video Renderer when using EVR(Enhanced Video Renderer) or EVR CA renderer.
– Bugs that when using Hardware acceleration (DXVA2) or EVR CA, it dosen’t play in some files or it’s sink was twisted in some files are fixed.

2. Modification regarding subtitles.
– Supporting inner PGS image subtitles in media file. (supproting Hardware acceleration simultaneously)
– Supporting outer, SUP file subtitles. (supproting Hardware acceleration simultaneously)
– Supporting inner, outer ASS format subtitles. (supproting Hardware acceleration simultaneously)
– As supporting GaussianBlur(subtitles outline), increase legibility.

3. LAV Filter
– Version update (0.69.0)

4. ETC
– As modification in snap shot extraction method, it can extraction snap shot without screen move and image processing filter.

5. Update KISA’s recommendation
– [16-645] Update weak point regarding ‘stco atom’s’ parameter size.
– [17-226] Update weak point regarding ‘co64 atom’s’ overflow.

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官网更新记录: http://update.kmpmedia.net/popup

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